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From: Shequetta P. " Thank you Sir, such a pleasure to meet you! You did an outstanding job. I will be recommending you to everyone I come across :)


Thanks for being patient for us Buddy. I really appreciate it. As always, you put together a very thorough report with a lot of good information. Thanks again

Sienna Construction Manager / Mertitage Homes


THANK YOU for the very detailed response back to us, having seen past home inspections, this report is the best we’ve had to date. Your tips and examples are a great added bonus, especially for new home owners.

Have a great rest of your weekend and we’ll be in touch for any services we might need in the future.



As a Real Estate agent it is very important to provide our clients the best and most stress free experience as possible, and having a good home inspector is a very important part of this process. I am fortunate to say The Rod Team can always count on Buddy to be available to do our client's inspections on a timely manner, very efficiently, and very thorough, no matter how busy he is or what time of year! His fees are very reasonable and he does an excellent job at getting us the inspection report in less than 24 hours, and mostly within a few hours! That is very important as in the real estate business time is of the essence. Thank you Buddy for all your hard work and dedication and for always treating our clients with respect.

Aurora R.



Thank you so much for the excellent, detailed work you did in inspecting our new home at 12403 _ _ _ _ _ Lake.

As a new home buyer, I would have definitely glossed over many many minute details since I am new to this whole process. You have saved me a lot of angst, effort in rework and coordination for every single one of the items you found and mental agony.

I am extremely happy with the quality of your report and your professional approach and friendly manner in our dealings. I can stand testimony to your excellence and I will definitely refer you to any of my friends who are in need of such inspections (I have already given your name to one; will continue to do so in future).

Once again, thank you for everything you have done.

Suresh S.


Mr. Ligon,

Thank you for the prompt delivery of the home inspection report for the property at Bulverde, Tx.. Your quick response provided us crucial information essential to us during the option period prior to moving forward towards finalizing the purchase agreement.

Thank you again for your service.



Buddy is excellent! He was prompt and affordably priced. During the inspection he was very understanding and explained any questions I had. The report that he sent me was very concise and easy to follow. Would use him again.

Jacob S.



Now I know why you are so highly recommended by my kids, Chad and Dina.

Thank you for the professional and very thorough inspection. I can now breathe a sigh of relief.


Cheryl W.



I am very pleased with your detailed report. Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate your tedious and professional work.

God Bless!

Very Respectfully,

Nathan S.


Firefighter/Driver Operator

KMC Fire and Emergency Services

Ramstein AB, Germany


Hi Buddy!

Thank you for the report! I really like your style and appreciate your attention to detail and promptness.





I just wanted to send you a personal note and thank you for the detailed, thorough but fair and objectionable inspections that you perform on all your homes. It is very rare these days to have an inspector point out the good practices that we as builders do and also to work together with the buyers in order to achieve as best as possible, a deficient free home. The way you conduct your inspections creates a sense of comfort to all parties involved and makes it feel like a team effort to accomplish our goals at hand. Often times when 3 parties are hired, it is presented as US vs. THEM mentality without any objectionable thinking putting the buyer in mental distress and sometimes distrust with their builders. You balance both sides professionally and with good intent. Thanks again for your professionalism


Bill ( a home builder )


Thanks so much, Buddy.

This is an excellent and exhaustive home detailed with pictures / home maintenance manual.

We will communicate to the Sellers to fix as you recommended.


Dan O.


Good morning sir!

Sir, my wife and I want to personally thank you for doing such an excellent job on inspecting our new home. The inspection was extremely detailed and gave us an outstanding foundation on what condition our home is in upon purchasing it, not to mention it gave us the things we need to have the builder fix prior to us closing. You really provide an excellent service and I will pass your business name and great reputation along to others.

God bless you from Harvey and Liliana


Thank you again for the inspections during the building of my first new home. Quality work at very reasonable price. I'll be sure to refer you to my friends and coworkers.

Rudy L.



Thanks so much for the prompt and friendly service and especially for providing so much detailed info in the inspection report. While I have purchased quite a few houses over the years, this is the first purchase I've made by myself and the first home that I will have to maintain by myself. The detailed instructional info will help me tremendously and I am sure I will refer back to this report many times.

Thanks again!

Katy D.


Hello Buddy,

I wanted to let you know you did an awesome

Job on our house and pool. You saved us a great deal of time and money on this deal. All your discrepancies are being fixed thanks to you and your fine expertise. You are totally and completely worth your cost.

Thanks Again

Henry B.


Hey Buddy,

I have looked over the whole report and you do AWESOME work! I have had a few home inspections done in the past and this was by far and away the best inspection I have seen to date (thorough and the pictures/descriptions were great)! Are you on Angie's List or any other website to provide feedback? I plan on giving you 5 out of 5 stars. I really appreciate all of the help especially with me being in a different state during this process.

Thanks again!




Leigh and I want to thank you for the detailed inspection report you furnished to us for our New Canyon Lake home.

Your prompt service with detailed pictures and detailed explanations are Magnificent!!

Again, thank you!


Jon & Leigh

Thanks Buddy, it has been a pleasure, I really appreciate how thorough you are with your inspections, especially after I’ve seen so many contractors try to cut corners and not have pride or accountability for their work. So I appreciate your attention to detail immensely!

Thank you,



Buddy, I want to thank you for doing such a in depth inspection on this home for my homeowners. I can tell by your notes and details that you really take this job seriously. I wish that all home inspectors could be as good as you are.

Thanks Again, New Home Builder For Scott Fielder



My husband looked at your report and he was impressed. I just wanted to thank you again and tell you that he doesn't impress easily. We have had a few home inspections before and he thought those guys were "idiots". He said you looked at all the things he would have looked at and he thought your report was very detailed and great!

We both thank you for taking your time and doing a great job at what you do!


Sarah and Allan K.



I just wanted to thank you again. I've referenced your report over the few months we have been in the house and you were spot on! This house turned out to be fantastic and much better than (THE FIRST HOUSE YOU INSPECTED ), which had all the water problems. Your advice and solid report helped us purchase a great house and saved us years of headaches.

Thank you and I wish you all the best,

Cary M.



I appreciate your “old school” values. You showed up early, went right to work, and had all the tools and instruments that you needed. You did a very thorough job and took the time to explain everything to us.

And just as you promised I was reading the report by 4:30 the next morning!

Best Regards,

Mike M. and Family


Buddy Ligon, We received your report just like you said (early this morning). Thank you for all that you do. We loved the way you explained everything. Being first time home buyers makes us very nervous but your attention for details put us at ease. I put a review on Angie's List but it has not posted yet. Here is what I posted:

"My husband and I are first time home buyers. We selected this company based on the comments from Angie’s list; and the inspection company’s simple, straight forward and easy to navigate website. We contacted the company via their e-mail address and Buddy called us the same day. Prior to contacting the company, we conducted online research on what to expect in a home inspection. Buddy truly did impress.

Buddy inspected the home and then walked me around and explained everything in great detail. He even talked about the appliances (stove, dish washer, water heater, etc.) The way he explains everything you can tell he has a lot of knowledge and experience in what he does. He explained all major, minor and “for your information” concerns. His inspection report was e-mailed to us within 24-hours. Everything he covered in-person was clearly explained in the report with color photos and descriptive notes."

Thank you,



Excellent job Mr. Ligon.

Thank you for being such a professional and taking great pride in your work.

One of the Army's slogans is "Be All You Can Be; you measure up to Army standards.

Again thank you, I've already recommended you to my Finance Agent for the home, he requested your card. I'm looking forward to utilizing your services in the future and I will continue to advertise your business.

Have A Blessed Day!

Patricia D.


Wow! I just got to look through your report and compared to our buyers report and your's is 100 times better and there was only a $10 price difference. Thank you again. We will be calling you again once we find out the new house is completely ready.

Angie J.



Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prompt response to my message, thorough inspection, detailed report, and timely feedback. Your professionalism is greatly appreciated!



Thank you Buddy! Your inspection was very detailed and eye opening. I apprecitate your hard work for us. Have a great day!

Samuel B.


City: New Braunfels Tx.

Project: Inspect a Home: Hello Buddy!! Thanks again for all your help and information!! You are tremendous!! I will definitely recommend you to all my friends!! Thank you again!!

Sarah PM


City: Floresville,Tx

Project: Inspect a Home: "I was completely amazed at all the information that was in Buddys report, we were not able to be at the inspection and everything was so clear and detailed with countless pictures. From cosmetic to more serious items such as damage to the roof and all the new safety items that are required now. We can not thank Buddy enough for working so hard for us. I am convinced that this is above and beyond what he could have done !"

Customer: Mary Sinhg

Member Since: July 20, 2011

City: Boerne, Tx

Project: Inspect a Home: "Buddy, You did a great job and the report is very professional and detailed. I would give you an “A” if you were in my class. You make it a pleasure to recommend you. Your follow-up skills and report demonstrate you are a true professional. You could teach a class on how to make sure your work product inspires confidence with customers. I will tell everyone I know, including my bank that does a lot of home loans, about you. Thank you."

Customer: Dr. A. P.

Member Since: December 12, 2010

City: San Antonio, Tx.


Inspect a Home: "Buddy, Thanks again for your superb service. I'll certainly use you again for the next prospective property."



Member Since:

August 28, 2011

City: San Antonio, Tx.

Project: Inspect a Home: "Fantastic job. Everything looks fantastic. Very pleased with the Inspection and Report !"

Customer: Chip H.

Member since: February 25, 2011

City: San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy did a wonderful job. He was very thorough and even took the time to answer all our questions and give recommendations for the future. I would definitely recommend him to someone whom is looking for a home inspection. He did a wonderful job and the price was just right for a new homebuyer looking to keep the extra costs down!!!"


Elizabeth M.

Member Since:

September 17, 2009


Seguin, TX


Inspect a Home: "returned call quickly, showed up when scheduled and was very informative both in person and in written report that I received by email that night"


tom r.

Member Since:

January 24, 2010

City: New Braunfels, TX

Project: Inspect a Home: "Mr. Ligon was very informative. He explained his findings and provided us with a detailed report containing many pictures the very same day. He not only pointed out problem areas, he showed what it should look like and preventative measures which is very helpful to a new homebuyer."

Member Since: July 4, 2008


Austin, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy was extremely thorough including multiple photographs as well as detailed descriptions as to not only all issues/concerns as well as how to correct any problems. As a single woman purchasing a known 'fixer-upper' I am now very confident that I will be able to handle all the cosmetic issues with my home purchase. I have already recommended Precision Home Inspections to all my friends! Thank you Buddy :) Yea, I'm getting a new home!!! "


Marcie M.

Member Since:

August 5, 2009


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "They were great. Thorough and proffessional. I didn't know it at the time, but my father had used Buddy to inspect his new home as well. I will use Precision again if I ever need another inspection."


Chris S.

Member Since:

June 15, 2009


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy went over and beyond for us! He clearly explained everything to me as I followed him around during the inspection. If you want your future house inspected correctly,use Buddy! He emailed me the inspection within two hours with very helpful sample pictures of what I need and actual pictures of the house I am buying with notes on what needs to be done. "


Troy H.

Member Since:

May 21, 2009


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy was a great person to work with. He was there working before I even showed up! He has an amazing work ethic! I love the little stress ball/house he provided as a souvenir, very unique. His inspection was very thorough and detailed. He even gave details on how to fix existing problems. The pictures in his report were very high quality and very well explained. He even got us set up with a termite inspection at a very affordable price. An overall amazing experience."


dustin r.

Member Since:

August 22, 2008


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy was thorough and friendly, and he explained every aspect of the inspection as he was performing it. In addition, he provided some insight into the guts of the home that are very useful when documents for them no longer exist."

Member Since: Novemeber 30, 2009


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "This was the best inspection we ever had ! Buddy Ligon was very professional and educated about home construction. This is a new home and we were told by the builder that they already had it inspected, but Buddy found many items not finished or incorrectly built. This made us feel very good about our purchase and I feel confident we will appreciate his findings even more as time goes on ! "


Frank R.

Member Since:

December 13, 2008


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy was great! I was impressed that he actually got up on the roof and didn't just view it with binoculars. His inspection seemed thorough, as well as his report; and I would recommend him to others."


Kelly B.

Member Since:

August 18, 2008


San Antonio, TX


Inspect a Home: "Best inspection report we have ever seen. Very thorough and professional."


dianne b.

Member Since:

July 2, 2008

City: San Antonio, TX

Project: Inspect a Home: "Thank you very much for all professionalism and for precision my house was taken care with ! Very good service and the best value for the money. I checked with a couple companies and their prices were higher so I decided to go with Buddy. I have one home inspected a couple years ago by another company and from now on I know I will be using Precision instead if I was to buy another property."

Member Since: August 18, 2007


Helotes, TX


Inspect a Home: "Buddy was very easy to work with. He set everything up immediately, was thorough, detailed and very friendly."


Eric S.

Member Since: June 21, 2008

City: Floresville, Tx.


Inspect a Home: "Excellent services, with excellent detailed reports and tips"


Raghu G.

Member Since:

November 28, 2007

City: San Antonio

Project: Inspect a Home: "Thanks for the service and excellent Report of Inspection of the Property, Excellent the explanations are very good and I will recomend you to any people I know looking at purchasing Houses in San Antonio"

Customer: carlos C.

Member Since: Novemeber 20, 2010

City: Austin, Tx

Project: Inspect a Home: "Good inspection, no problems, however, his report could be a little more simple to read".

Customer: Rudolf V.

Member Since: May 10, 2008

***From this Inspector: This is why my rating is not a 5.00, This gentleman was Great to work with-However he was from another country and as such did not understand Everything in my report.